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an ode to a song

April 20, 2013

‘it’ started with your kiss
on my sleep-deprived forehead
as i was busy working the night

‘it’ grew into a whimper

then i found you on the internet
when lonely nights have left me drained
and inexpressive

‘it’ grew into a song

then i saw ‘it’ in a writing on the wall,
a kiosk with something old inside it,
and words which had meaning but were like bell chimes

now ‘it’ is a cry of the heart

now i return to you
singing you
over and over and over again
in front of the computer
and you’ve mingled into
the love, the hate,
the fear, the loneliness,
the resentment, the joy,
the pain, the pleasure,
the wonder, the amazement, the frustration –

you seem bereft of ideology,
but you are an ideology in itself –

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