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can we just be friends

April 20, 2013

it’s too late to say
that i am the best friend for you
i think you may have noticed

but i never said i was
though i feel that you believed it
even just six months into

because things don’t matter to me
as much as people do
i let you have it all

and you said no, no to me
though i would have caught you falling
even if i did not like to

you staked all these memories on war
but i acted my part fairly far enough
depression, isolation, fear

someone was pulling my strings
i hope you understand what this means
but it is too late now

so we are now face to face
you, me, and the electric fan to my right
and typing on your toppy as i on mine

i snook you a question which you naively answered
but it would not do to rest on my laurels:
i simply laughed and rested my case

but if you are not a demagogue
just like you turned out to be
maybe i could talk with you

but can we just be friends

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