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August 12, 2013

Dear Overheard at UP Admins,

The Overheard at UP Facebook group has given relaxation, enjoyment, and fun to all of us UP students and alumni. It has been a very gratifying experience to participate in discussions just for the sake of participating in discussions, or for serious reasons.

I have observed though, with dark dismay, the display of arrogance of some admins. I don’t count this as real power tripping though, for obvious reasons. It’s just that, somehow, the content in this group is subjected to the subjective judgement of admins, with absolutely no space for discussion. In an extension of the secular, freethinking University (that is, this Facebook group), this subjective absolutism supposedly has no place.

I truly respect the persons of each of the admins, and this is why I respectfully bring to your attention this sad fact. I have not posted it on the Facebook page itself, since one of you has adjudged certain posts to be unworthy in themselves of being posted. This appeal might then be deleted there before all could read it, because it may be perceived as unworthy.

I submit that I am only one UP alumnus among so many, not a celebrity or an important figure, and yet concerned enough that the group may have stumbled onto a dark path of censorship. I view this with some concern, because even though it is simply a virtual group whose consensus has no bearing on anything legal, it reflects the mind of the UP student/alumnus who is going to shape the future of the Philippines.

I therefore understand and support the need to cleanse this page of such comments deemed as inane or lacking in intellectual value; but I would like to tell you that such power must be exercised responsibly. I have no rancor against any of you. Rather, I intend to state my case firmly and without flinching. Please allow people to state their case in a professional manner. If these posts are truly wanting, please inform them so in a courteous way. As people with authority you are expected to set yourselves over and above the people whose published thoughts you manage. I myself have not called for the removal of any of these posts because it is not my right but yours.

Even though I may not agree with your comments and your ultimate verdict on this issue, I will continue to respect your collective decision. You do have the authority to remove posts and threads that you deem unworthy, more so posts of mine that fit this criterion, as I am not lucid at all times. Regarding this final verdict I will not raise my voice any longer.

Sincerely yours,

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