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August 22, 2013

News. 474-mm rainfall in Hsinchu City.
Flooding in Tamsui.
The Shimen reservoir (Taoyuan) released water.

And here I am, listening to sappy fast love songs
and trying to catch the last emotional bus
to the terminal emotional train station,
the last train of which will take me
to the farthest emotional airport,
the last plane in which will land me back here.

The fool in me was hoping you’d give me tickets.
But you’ve already bought enough for you.

Funny that I should ask this way,
because I knew all along.

So, the rain falls in thirty-second installments
and I – person by person.
But I forced myself not to take the opportunity,
spurning Fate’s spindly, deceiving hands,
after she made this fabulous mistake.

Oh, I gave her the finger!
But you were the ticket she held out, comrade,
while I did.

If you were the 800-yuan ticket around Taiwan…
but unless and until you are,
dear belatedly-looked upon comrade,
I’m going to be stuck with “maybe”.

– dedicated to Comrade Wei

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