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It’s Hard To Be Professional When Your Co-Worker Shows Up In A Kerokerokeroppi Suit

September 7, 2013

to be honest, it became triply hard
when you realized that he did it to make you laugh

but there was the clock
and there was ten o’clock

and you had to go and get that coffee
having wasted your coffee breaks on paperwork

but you had to give him a smile
because it felt the logical response to do so

so you did; you felt good inside
and you felt – *insert random pictures of cats*

so you sat him down at lunch
only to be told that the cat pics went with the time

is there another option?
because you had to pass the paper this afternoon

your boss, you told yourself, was exacting –
but what was he exacting, anyway?

tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak
– in Polish that’s seven “yes”-es

but it’s also from your typewriter you bought
from a ghost peddler from your past

you finished by three o’ clock
and gave this paper to your boss

shivering-ly, in an anguished manner,
longing for the positive response

but by five o’ clock it was almost over
and everyone prepared to go back home

including the one in the Keroppi suit
and he was smiling at you – did you smile back?

and he flew back to Keroppi-land
while you stretched out, stood up, and prepared

to walk back home, with that smile on your face
and three hundred more units of currency on you

to be replenished yet with three hundred more, and more
if only you showed up tomorrow in a Keroppi suit

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