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September 25, 2013

every love is unrequited.
why, you ask?
why do you ask?
i’ve just come to the conclusion,
yes, after the last person i fell in love with

he or she is a friend, a foe, a mistake, a correction
a valley-of-death-and-eventual-resurrection
a submission – an insurrection!
she or he makes your heart yearn
for them, and not for them.

even your self-love is unrequited.
you love yourself, but you do not love yourself back
silly, i know, but such is the truth.
in loving yourself you destroy yourself –
and i’m not even drinking tonight in saying this!

so, every love is unrequited.
friendly, romantic, sultry, pedantic,
horny, insipid, run by boss, run by Cupid,
familial, inspiring, infernal, or tiring –
and not just persons; also things can be such cruel masters.

and yet the ultimate solution, yes,
is to love still more. to love with all you are,
still deep, unconfounded, unmoved.
in the face of rejection – defiant and intense.
as we say of good steel – UNYIELDING

it looks as if the one who said,
“if you lose your life for me, you will find it”
has said true, so even if we are weaklings
we should try each day to love a little more
and please make me some black tea

it has to have exactly two spoons of sugar.
thanks very much.

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