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Cold Conditions

September 27, 2013

In observing and thus explaining phenomena, scientists have realized time scale is key.

They’ve managed to slow down a lot of phenomena, using liquid nitrogen or liquid helium (as the case may require), so observing them occur at a slower rate. And then, discovering that their understanding of the phenomenon is faulty, they make new measurements and formulate new explanations of the phenomenon.

Things happen slowly in cold conditions. Flying atoms are reduced to crawling. Electrons whizzing become electrons jumping. I wonder if light also defies temperature, but as it was already shown that light is particular, it just also might be the case that light obeys temperature.

Not the irreligious impulses of the heart, though. A special kind of cold is required, a special quench. So here I am, the subject in the nth experiment, waiting for the quench. Don’t worry about me, it is not so bad. I am told everyone experiences this anyway, just not in the same degrees. And few would dare to call themselves lab rats, but in effect this is what we all are.

What I’m trying to say is, the cold air in Hsinchu City is not working on me.

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