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Dyas Layk Dis

April 28, 2014

INTRODUCTION: Filipinos are know for their good command of English. But what many people do not realize is that the Philippines has 175 native languages. Now, Filipinos love to ridicule other Filipinos who do not speak English correctly, but completely adore Europeans or even Americans whose English is as poor (if not worse than). If we Filipinos are going to rise to the world stage, we must see ourselves equal with the rest of the world. Hence this work. 

For seven days starting from Monday, I’m going to write poems or stories (nothing about myself and my feelings) in English using the phonology of the Tagalog Latin alphabet.


Yu depinitly tot dat ay wud gib ap dis projek wen ay realays dat aym duwing a beri hard task, rayting storis in Inglis as dey ar pronawns in Tagalog. Bat let as bi aydiyalistik por a wayl en sey dat “U, aym teking Chao-wei siryusly dis taym.” It mayt bi hayli ayronik dat yu tek mi siryusly wen ay ispik in purly ispel Inglis. Bat hyumor mi por seben deys.

Sam wan posted a koment on may anawnsment, abawt dis bi-ing da mader langgweyds op Pacqiao bipor hi lern Inglis. Ay did nat no wat to sey. Mebi si dyas wanted tu mek pan op Pacquiao or da Bisaya wey op ispiking. Mebi si dyas wanted tu lap. Ay layk her koment, bikos depinitly did is da point op dis siris on Tagalo-ponetik Inglis. Taiwanis, layk Pilipinos, olso layk Yuropiyans en pres dem iben ip dey du istupid tings. Bat dey du nat mek pan op its ader ip dey ispik rong Inglis layk da Pilipinos du tu its ader. Wi ar 175 etnik grups in da Pilipins, en its has its on gramar en ponolodyi, bat iben wen ispiking Tagalog in Manila, meni Tagalogs lap at Bisaya pipol.

Sam ting is rong wid ar, di Pilipinos, wey op tingking.

Wi du nat iben tits Inglis beri wel. Wi tink Inglis is por da eduketed onli. En hir yu ar naw, laping at mi en may “barok” Inglis bikos yu pil aym traying tu sawn eduketed. Bat ultimetly, da edukesyon sistem bak hom is tu blem. Olso ar pan-Tagalog nasyonalisem, wits is blaynd. Ay en so meni pipol hab olredi giben koment on dis, so its ay am rili hard pres tu gib a replay.

So por da neks seben deys, ay wil rayt in Tagalo-ponetic Inglis, layk dis. Dyas layk dis.

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